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Here at NJPCTECHS we pride ourselves at providing top notch customer service. With that being said the professional technicians at NJPCTECHS have years of experience diagnosing and repairing laptops and desktop computers.

After calling NJPCTECHS, a certified professional will schedule a remote session with you or advise you to mail in your laptop for a diagnostic test. This test will determine what, if any repairs are needed. 

Many repairs can be done remotely. This includes tasks such as software upgrades and repairs, evaluating memory issues, or routine computer maintenance. In-house diagnostic and repair services include system restore, changing cables, or doing hardware cleanup and maintenance. If some other problem is detected and it cannot be solved remotely, we will explain the problem in detail and provide you with the best option in terms of time and cost. If replacement parts or hardware upgrades are needed, we can get them for you for less.

Please contact NJPCTechs at (732) 523-5888 or use our online form to let us know how we can assist you with computer diagnostic services.


Whether you are looking for a PC or MAC for yourself or a family member or maybe that special someone we have the right skillset to peel that un-certainty about picking a good computer out of the equation! The perfect PC or MAC means different things for different people but we take the guess work out of trying to pick the best machine for your needs.

We never sell you what you don't need and we are upfront with your computer's capabilities. There is no “fine print” in the sale of our computers. We give you realistic specifications and let you know what it will take to upgrade if needed in the future. We will walk you through systems that you're interested in and determine together which one is best for you.

When it comes to personalized sales, service, maintenance and repair, trust NJPCTECHS for your next PC or Laptop Purchase.

Please contact NJPCTECHS at (732) 528-5888 or use our online form to let us know how we can assist you with the purchasing of a new computer or if you wish to browse our inventory of computers.


  • Physically setup one PC or MAC computer system, including the computer plus monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
  • Configuration of your new computer to access your existing Internet account and one existing email account.
  • Setup a printer, external hard drive or other external device (device not included)
  • Install one software application of your choice (software not included)


  • NJPCTechs will install the version of Windows that you've purchased
  • Install any critical updates
  • Install any required drivers
  • Configure the software to your needs and make sure your system runs properly
  • Perform system tweaks that will speed up boot-tim, delete unwanted files and remove any unnecessary background process


If you're someone or know of someone who needs a part added or upgraded in your PC/Mac desktop or Mac laptop but you're not sure how to go about doing it yourself, then you need professional computer hardware installation from NJPCTECHS to make sure your machine runs properly.


One of the greatest aspects of NJPCTECHS services is the ability to service our customers no matter where they are with remote support.

Using a secure remote connection tool, we can connect to your computer over the internet to troubleshoot your computer issue or offer you some helpful training. While we connect with your system we will talk with you on the phone so that we can work together to get your problem solved. During the session you will be able to see everything we’re doing on your system and can be ended by you at any time.

Remote support is perfect for those pesky computer problems that really do not require a service call. If you are receiving error messages or having issues with getting your computer to behave properly, our remote support service option is for you. It’s quick, affordable, will leave you less frustrated with your computer and it’ll save you from making time for a service call.

There are three types of remote access that we use to help our clients and they are defined below:

  • PERMANENT ACCESS: Access granted to technician for access as needed. Remote access is given with no per-session permissions.
  • ON-DEMAND ACCESS: Access granted to technician on an on-demand of session basis and is usually granted by client at time of need.
  • DESKTOP VIEWING: Unlike having full access to a client's computer the technician will only have visual access and control is retained by the client.

Remote Service includes:

  • Driver Issues
  • Software Errors
  • Windows Update Issues
  • Web Browser Issues
  • PC Tune-up & Maintenance
  • Network Setup & Support
  • Firewall Setup & Support
  • Software Installation
  • Date Backup Scheduling & Support


Software InstallationSOFTWARE INSTALL

NJPCTechs will help you with installation of any software that you have purchased.
Repaire or troubleshoot one software title including, but not limited to, Microsoft Word & Microsoft Outlook.


NJPCTechs will recover any deleted data from a working hard drive. An NJPCTech technician will then transfer all files from the damaged hard drive.


  • NJPCTECHS will find the root causes of crashed, lockups, slowness or internet problems.
  • Repair any operating system issues
  • Remove all viruses and spyware
  • Perform defragmentation of hard drive for increased performance
  • Install Security software to keep your computer protected
  • Suggest hardware repairs or upgrades if needed.

We Can Also Troubleshoot or Repair

  • Startup problems
  • Computer crashes
  • No image on screen
  • Blue screen
  • Lines across the screen
  • Faulty parts replaced any device
  • Tune up & optimisation services
  • Password recovery
  • Software issues resolved
  • Liquid spills
  • Internet connection difficulties
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software installation
  • Operating system install/reinstall
  • Workstation maintenance
  • Laptop, Desktop & Mac upgrades
  • Network problems

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